Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I attend in ICRD organized events?

A: You may select any event matched with your interest and follow the registration process as described in event webpage.

Q: How can I pay my registration fees for attending in ICRD events?

A: ICRD provides both online and offline payment gateways for ease of using. Online gateways are supported by secure Pay-Pal payment system and will be completely done through its system. Alternatively, you may select offline procedure using wire transfer payment directly to ICRD Bank Account.

Q: Does registration fee include accommodation and travel expanses?

A: No. Accommodating and travel expanses during ICRD events must be provided by attendees personally which is not included in registration fees. Registration fee includes conference materials, full day services (Coffee Breaks and lunch) and a proof of registration certificate by organizers.

Q: How can I receive ICRD recent updates?

A: All subscribed persons will receive ICRD monthly newsletters. It only needs to registering your email ID in subscription box in ICRD homepage.