"ICRD at a glance"

csm_research-and-development_8888cf1e41"Emphasizing the nature of RESEARCH"

"Imperial Consortium of Research and Development", founded and registered as a leading information-based association in Dubai, UAE (Reg. Number: 1079778) throughout a global vision of dedicated research planning and services. Eras of activities followed by ICRD are mostly focused on scientia events promotion and planning, globally research projects involvement and publishing unified series, journals and books in specified and modular themes of applied science, technology and medicine. Collaborations between ICRD and well-known associations, publishers and lead events organizers are the most emphasized statute of its following activities. All collaborating partnerships and proposals are welcome to being considered by ICRD board of directors, due to its nature of activities beyond of science promotion and sharing without borders.

latest news

"Bentham Science publications" has started collaborating with ICRD as Media partner of organizing events. "Bentham" is a well-known publisher and event promoting service provider worldwide.

"Imperial Consortium of Research and Development" has successfully entered to "United Nations Global Compact" approved members to tailoring unified R&D activities as one of its main statute parties.

A part of "Mediceedings" projects and events (SEHAT Projects) are currently co-organizing and collaborating with NBScience Ltd. UK.

our advantages


Global networking over scientific forums.

ICRD provides a global forum on contributing networks of scientific and industrial schemes. Sharing ideas and practical findings empowerment is a key role playing in ICRD events.


Collaborating with well-known and lead organizations worldwide.

ICRD follows collaborating opportunities with well-known and firm organizations all over the world to adding more credit values on supported and organized events. These organizations are providing media sponsorship as well as publishing or accrediting supports through scheduled events.


Flexibility on demanded services.

ICRD makes series of demanded services based on scholars needs and desired expectations. A wide range of these services supports accumulative targets for scientific and industrial forums participants. We will use a profession cycle of affairs arrangement during all assigned events for the best services offering.

Featured services

Standing by a Research Center

  • Global vision on doing shared research plans
  • Presenting novel findings beyond a global stage
  • Validate of research and practical findings
  • Corporate-based science sharing

End-to-End Events Services

  • Professions on events planning
  • Joint events collaborating
  • Associative-based events services
  • Demanded services providing

Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Archiving

  • Specified proceedings layout per event
  • Collections on thematic issues
  • Optimized archiving services
  • Collaborating with lead publishers worldwide